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Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer Handling Divorce Cases on a Statewide Basis If you were suffering from a cardiac problem and needed a cardiologist to help with an ongoing process, would you choose the one closest to your house simply because it’s easy to get to his or her office, or the one who comes highly recommended and … Continue Reading

Divorce & College Expenses

Divorced Parents and Child College Expenses Paying for college tuition, books, fees and room and board expenses can cause financial hardship for all parents. When parents are divorced or going through the divorce process, paying for college expenses can be a source of major controversy. However, Colorado child support law is clear concerning divorced parents’ … Continue Reading

Restraining Orders – A Basic Guide

Colorado law allows for Courts to issue temporary and permanent civil restraining orders to prevent harm. Restraining orders are referred to as “protection orders” in Colorado. Restraining orders (also called “protection orders” in this article) can be issued quickly, inexpensively, and without notice to the person against whom it is issued. Once the judge signs … Continue Reading

Child Support, Spending and Extracurricular Expenses

Where Does All That Money Go? Child Support, Spending and Extracurricular Expenses Colorado law is not specific concerning how a parent receiving child support is supposed to use the money. Child support is generally determined by a formula. The formula is supposed to calculate child support based upon the parents’ combined adjusted gross income estimated … Continue Reading

Remarriage and Maintenance Termination

  Parties in a divorce case should pay close attention to resolving issues concerning whether maintenance will continue after remarriage. The economic lives of spouses are frequently closely intertwined in marriage. It is often impossible to later segregate the respective decisions and contributions of the spouses. This legislative declaration is the basis for “maintenance” (also … Continue Reading

Top Ten Reasons Not to Call 911

  Domestic violence is a serious issue requiring involvement of the court system and law enforcement to protect the safety of the victim and punish the offender. However, calling 911 and involving the court and law enforcement when there is a disagreement or argument can have life changing consequences for the couple involved in the … Continue Reading

Tip Income for Child Support and Maintenance Income Assignments (Garnishment)

Employees who owe money for child support or maintenance (alimony) may have their wages (including tips) garnished by the employer, so that the child support or maintenance can be paid to the ex-wife or ex-husband. Employers who have to make payroll deductions are faced with difficult choices when trying to understand and implement Colorado law … Continue Reading

Buying a House While Going Through a Divorce

Many divorcing couples don’t have sufficient financial resources to consider buying a new home while the divorce process is happening. But for those persons fortunate enough to have good credit and what appears to be adequate income to buy a new house before the divorce is final, the home purchasing process can be a rocky … Continue Reading

Children Marrying Adults

The concept of children marrying adults is a reality in Colorado. In a recent decision by the Colorado Court of Appeals, the Court determined that a young girl’s marriage to an older man was legally valid despite her age. The statutory age of consent for marriage in Colorado is eighteen. Nevertheless, persons between sixteen and … Continue Reading

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