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Child Support and Maintenance Modification in Colorado During the Coronavirus Era

Introduction The current coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has resulted in self-employed individuals having no work to do; a rise in unemployment claims; pay cuts; termination and furlough. As part of a divorce case, a child custody case, a legal separation case, paternity case or other proceedings, a husband, wife, parent or other person may be court-ordered … Continue Reading

Coronavirus COVID-19 Clauses that Dovetail with the CREC System

Coronavirus COVID-19 Clauses that Dovetail with the CREC System   This is the fifth video in our six part series on Coronavirus COVID-19 providing solutions for managing Coronavirus COVID-19 risks in the Colorado Real Estate Commission form system. If you seek to have us provide such clauses to you as your lawyer, then please contact … Continue Reading

Parenting Time, Visitation and Child Custody in the Era of COVID-19 the Novel Coronavirus

Parenting time exchanges and concerns about your child’s health while in the other parent’s household for visitation or parenting time can be challenging during the COVID-19 coronavirus isolation, quarantine and shutdown periods. There are some basic concepts to keep in mind concerning how divorce, allocation of parental responsibilities (custody) laws and parenting time (visitation) laws … Continue Reading

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