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Are You in Compliance with the New Rental Application Fairness Law?


In 2019, the Colorado legislature passed House Bill 1106, known as the Rental Application Fairness Act, into law. All landlords and property managers are required to comply with the requirements of HB 1106.

Under Colorado state law, landlords that charge rental application fees must follow strict procedures related to disclosure, receipt, and usage of the application fee. If a landlord denies a rental application, the landlord must also provide the prospective tenant a written notice of denial that states the reasons for the denial.

Rental Application Fairness Act (“RAFA”) Compliance Packet

Frascona, Joiner, Goodman and Greenstein, P.C. can help your business comply with these requirements through our RAFA Compliance Packet.  The RAFA Compliance Packet includes the following imperative documents necessary to comply with HB 1106:

  • Rental Application Fee Disclosure

  • Rental Application Fee Receipt

  • Rental Application Fee Refund Receipt

  • Rental Application Denial Letter

  • Adverse Action Addendum

Our law firm has developed a system to identify needs and efficiently create a RAFA Compliance Packet for your company. Below please find the RAFA Compliance Packet order form. Once FJGG determines your pricing option, and if your company decides to purchase an RAFA Compliance Packet product from FJGG based on that pricing option, you will receive an email from FJGG with payment instructions. You will have the choice to either: 1) follow a link in that email to provide payment by credit card via our online payment portal, 2) provide your credit card number via telephone by calling Jennifer McCaig at 303-539-9214, or 3) send FJGG a check with your order form via regular mail.

 RAFA Compliance Packet Order Form



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