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Office Policy Manual – Brokerage Relationship Policy – Independent Contractor Agreement

Our law firm strives to avoid obsolescence when we create forms. We are proud that our 2015 comprehensive revision to our integrated suite of documents worked well for five years. Due, however, to changes in the:

  • Marketplace
  • Technology
  • CREC Forms and
  • CREC Rules (Including brand new rules for agent owned rentals!) [1]

the law firm has recently revamped our integrated suite of the most commonly needed versions of these four documents:

  • Independent Contractor’s Agreement
  • Brokerage Relationship Policy (a/k/a “Agency Policy”)
  • Office Policy Manual (for Buy/Sell Brokerage firms)
  • Office Policy Manual (for Property Management)

The cost of each product is listed on their order form. Your brokerage firm may not need all three of these documents. Your brokerage firm might need more than all three of these documents. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email your questions to Andrea Webster .

Additional information about all products can be found here:  FAQ.

Please complete, sign and email the order forms to [email protected] to place an order.

Office Policy Manual (for both Buy/Sell & Property Management):

Office Policy Manual
Questionnaire & Order Form – PDF

Independent Contractor Agreement:

Independent Contractor Agreement
Questionnaire & Order Form – PDF

Brokerage Relationship Policy:

Brokerage Relationship Policy
Questionnaire & Order Form – PDF


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[1]Of course, Covid-19 drove some of the changes, although perhaps not as many as might have been expected.

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