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O R D E R    F O R M


Highlights of the 2022 update:

  • Edits to conform to 2022 New and Revised CREC Forms
  • A Single Buyer Listing Addendum (also known as a “One Party Listing” Addendum)
  • Disclosure of risks of iBuyer purchase contracts
  • An iBuyer Solicitation Addendum
  • New Clauses, including:
    • Disclosures protecting against buyer remorse from buying in a competitive market;
    • Disclosures to sellers of the risks of allowing buyers to assume payments on encumbered or leased inclusions;
    • Disclaimers about the accuracy of the seller’s due diligence documents; and
    • Addressing some VRBO and AirBnB
  • An updated “oldy but goody” clause furthering the new Loan Availability concept, obligating a buyer to show that buyer’s potential termination is legitimate.

With the package, you receive:

  1. Addendum “A”
  2. Additional Provisions
  3. Buyer Addendum
  4. Seller Addendum
  5. Seller “Coming Soon” Addendum
  6. Accelerated Closing Right of First Refusal Addendum
  7. Removal of Conditions Right of First Refusal Addendum
  8. Mold Disclosure Addendum
  9. Brokerage Disclosure Regarding New Construction
  10. Broker Rebate to Buyer (RESPA Compliance)
  11. Termination of Marketing Efforts
  12. Notice to Parties Regarding Earnest Money
  13. Homeowner Warning Notice – Right to Cancel (FPA) with Spanish Translation
  14. Assignment of Contract with Seller Consent (Substitution of Buyer)
  15. Assignment of Contract (Permitted by Contract Terms)
  16. Commission Split Settlement Agreement
  17. Seller Carry Talking Points Article
  18. Risks of iBuyer Purchase Contracts (New 2022)
  19. iBuyer Solicitation Addendum (New 2022)
  20. Risks of Working with Bridge Service Providers (New 2022)
  21. Single Buyer Listing Addendum (New 2022)
  22. Explanation Letter

Read a complete and detailed explanation of the addenda:
Addenda Explanation

If you would like to have our office prepare a 2022 Standard Addenda package, please print the order form and either email, mail or fax it back to our office. The price for our 2022 Standard Addenda is $350. This price includes: all the addenda forms; a letter explaining them in detail; and a ten minute or so consultation (should you have any questions).

Should you need to customize your addenda, after reviewing our package, we will give you an estimate in advance.


We have arranged to have your forms delivered to you electronically by CTM eContracts. You will receive the forms as a locked Microsoft Word® document. You use tabs to electronically fill in blanks. You may copy and paste the clauses from our additional provisions into the Additional Provisions section of your contracts. There is no additional charge for this method of delivery.

The forms are also available through the integrated systems of CTM eContracts and Instanet Transaction Desk (PPAR). To obtain the forms from these vendors, you must first order them from us and then contact your vendor to download the forms. Please note that additional charges from your vendor may apply.

To order the Colorado Residential Contracts addenda package, please complete the Order Form and send it back to us.

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