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Colorado Residential Contracts Addenda Package

O R D E R    F O R M


Colorado Clauses and Addenda

Highlights of the 2019 update:

• Edits to conform addenda & clauses to the revised 2019 CBS.
• Language to revive a previously terminated CBS with an Amend/Extend.
• Clauses to coordinate the new Personal Property Agreement with the CBS.
• An Additional provision addressing the nuances of leased items like solar panels and security systems.
• A clause addressing some nuances of Airbnb and VRBO like properties.

With the package, you receive:

  1. Addendum “A”
  2. Additional Provisions
  3. Buyer Addendum
  4. Seller Addendum
  5. Seller “Coming Soon” Addendum
  6. Accelerated Closing Right of First Refusal Addendum
  7. Removal of Conditions Right of First Refusal Addendum
  8. Mold Disclosure Addendum
  9. Notice To Seller
  10. Brokerage Disclosure Regarding New Construction
  11. Broker Rebate to Buyer (RESPA Compliance)
  12. Termination of Marketing Efforts
  13. Notice to Parties Regarding Earnest Money
  14. Homeowner Warning Notice – Right to Cancel (FPA) with Spanish Translation
  15. Assignment of Contract – Agreement to Amend/Extend Contract (Substitution of Buyer)
  16. Assignment of Contract (Permitted by Contract Terms)
  17. Commission Split Settlement Agreement
  18. Seller Carry Talking Points Article
  19. Explanation Letter

Read the complete and detailed Addenda Explanation.

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