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Emotional Support Animal Materials

Emotional Support Animal Materials for Landlords

Are you a landlord or property owner/manager who has received a request from a tenant or applicant to change your existing policies to accommodate an emotional support animal? This is an increasingly common request, and one must be careful to handle these requests appropriately in order to comply with applicable fair housing laws. These requests are especially tricky when the person making the request does not have a disability that is known or readily apparent, or when the disability-related need for the requested animal is not known or readily apparent. FJGG’s Emotional Support Animal Materials are designed for that exact situation, and may be used by Colorado landlords or property managers when handling these types of requests for accommodations when the tenant’s disability or disability related-need for the requested animal are not known or obvious. Attorney Cinthia Manzano and other attorneys at Frascona, Joiner, Goodman and Greenstein are also available to advise you about emotional support animals, other types of reasonable accommodation requests, or landlord-tenant matters generally.

These Materials Include:

    • Response Letter following Tenant’s Request for an Emotional Support Animal. This form can be used to document and follow up on a request to accommodate an emotional support animal to gather more information and properly handle the request.
    • Emotional Support Animal Questionnaire for Tenant’s Healthcare Provider. This form can be provided along with the Response Letter above and can be completed by the healthcare provider of the person making the request.
    • Assistance Animal Lease Addendum. In the event a reasonable accommodation is necessary under applicable fair housing laws, this addendum can be used to modify an existing residential lease agreement and set out the parties’ rights and responsibilities with respect to the animal.

Each of the above items can be purchased individually, or all three can be purchased together for a discount. Please follow the link below to access the order form.


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