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Land Use

Land use involves the interaction between private initiative and the governmental agencies, which regulate areas such as property development, water, transportation, and environmental quality. Our land use attorneys represent clients in a wide range of proceedings which include:

  • zoning matters
  • project entitlement
  • conservation easements
  • eminent domain
  • property tax appeals
  • building
  • environmental compliance
  • natural resources
  • boundaries and easements
  • development rights
  • quiet title lawsuits
  • lawsuits challenging municipal and county land use decisions

Our clients include developers, investors, property owners, lenders, builders, brokers, and Boards of REALTORS®.  Particularly in matters related to project entitlement, subdivision, and other complex areas of land use law, we frequently coordinate the work of surveyors, engineers, architects, brokers, geotechnical and other specialists to prepare complete applications and presentations on behalf of our clients.  We also understand and provide counsel related to best practices in community outreach and engagement to increase chances of project success.


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