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Pitfalls of Installment Land Contracts

What are the pitfalls of structuring a seller-financed transaction through an installment land contract? Though the Real Estate Commission dropped its approval of the use of Installment Land Contracts (“ILCs”), consumers still frequently ask brokers about ILCs. Even in its pre-disapproval comments, the Manual stated: “this instrument is full of pitfalls for both buyer and … Continue Reading

Procuring Cause

What are some of the important considerations for the REALTOR® who is contemplating a procuring cause dispute? REALTORS® contemplating procuring cause disputes should be aware that the points to consider tend to divide themselves into procedural and substantive matters. PROCEDURAL CONSIDERATIONS A REALTOR®’s right to arbitrate arises out of Article 17 of the Code of … Continue Reading

Protecting Trade Secrets

You’ve probably worked long and hard to develop your business to the point where it is today. Along the way, you may have developed customer lists, business knowledge, business methods, technology or other processes which help you to be competitive. These items may be “trade secrets.” If you fail to take proper steps to make … Continue Reading

Avoid Pitfalls With Unhappily Married Sellers

Representing a seller who is experiencing marital difficulties poses special concerns for real estate professionals. It is common for divorcing couples or couples who are about to be divorced to have differing interests in connection with the sale or other disposition of real estate. As agent or broker, you should be sensitive to those differing … Continue Reading

Why You Really Do Need a Will

  Four Documents We All Should Have, or Why You Really Do Need a Will  It used to be that people were worried that if they didn’t have a will, all their assets would go to the state. Most people are now aware that this doesn’t happen, but there is a great deal of misinformation … Continue Reading

Is Verbal Acceptance Binding?

  Must a seller honor a written offer he verbally accepted? A seller verbally accepted a written offer for a property. A second, better offer has come from a second buyer. The seller would prefer to get out of any obligations it might have to the first purchaser. Is the seller bound by the first … Continue Reading

Specific Performance vs. Seller

Can a seller terminate a “liquidated damages contract” by… The box in paragraph 18(a,2) of the Real Estate Commission approved contract is checked, so that it is a “liquidated damages contract.” The seller does not want to close. Can the seller simply inform the buyer of its intent to terminate the contract and refund the … Continue Reading

Bounced Earnest Money

If the earnest money bounces, can the seller terminate? A buyer (Buyer #2) submitted an offer for a property on which another buyer (Buyer #1) had already made an offer. Buyer #1 provided a post-dated earnest money check which the Seller knew could not be covered at the time it was tendered. The date on … Continue Reading

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