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Escalation Clauses

2/21/16: Escalation Clauses – A Lawyer’s Dream. In markets with shortages of inventory, buyers know that they must aggressively compete for the right properties. Yet purchasers do not want to pay any more than is absolutely necessary to buy the property. Purchasers sometimes submit “escalation” clauses in an attempt to tie up the property without … Continue Reading

Brokerage Relationship Disclosures

Brokerage Relationship Disclosures Webcast 1/19/2015:  Most brokers know that when they are sitting in an open house, they need to make a disclosure to unrepresented buyers. Brokers, however, often fail to follow through. This is a hot button issue for your regulators. Brokers often don’t recognize the need to make other required brokerage relationship disclosures … Continue Reading

Employee May Be Stuck With Non-Compete

  It’s a concrete case. A former employee may be stuck with an agreement that he had signed while working for his former employer, restricting his right to later go to work for a competitor. In a recent case, Lucht’s Concrete Pumping, Inc. v. Horner,(E1) the Colorado Supreme Court decided whether an employer’s continuation of … Continue Reading

HOA’s Late Registration

Many Homeowner Associations (“HOA’s”) don’t realize that their deadline to register with the Colorado Division of Real Estate without incurring any penalties was back in March of 2011. Pre-CCIOA communities created prior to July 1, 1992 do not need to register but it is recommended that they still do so. The cost is only $8.95 … Continue Reading

Foreclosure Information for REALTORS® & Mortgage Lenders

If you are a REALTOR® or Mortgage Lender working with a property in foreclosure, please obtain written authorization signed by the borrower that allows us to release information to you and follow the instructions below. PAYOFF Payoff means to pay the entire loan balance, typically through a refinance or a sale of the property. If … Continue Reading

Colorado Foreclosure Process and Time Frames

  DELINQUENCY: The day after a payment is due, a loan is DELINQUENT. If the grace period runs until the 16th of each month (as it does for all FHA loans) and payments are posted each month on the 10th, then the loan becomes DELINQUENT for a short period each month. DEFAULT: A loan is … Continue Reading

Foreclosure Frequently Asked Questions

  REPAYMENT PLAN To ask your lender to set up a repayment plan for you, if we represent your lender, then please send a request to our office, via fax to 303-494-6309 or via regular mail to 4750 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder, CO 80305, Attention: Foreclosure Department. Please include your name, property address, lender’s name, loan … Continue Reading

Foreclosure Forms

Repayment Plan Request Form Cure / Reinstatement Request Form Payoff Request Form Notice of Intent to Cure Form  

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