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What Real Estate Brokers Need to Know About Bankruptcy

Co-Author: Karen J. Radakovich, Esq. General Concepts Bankruptcies affect real estate brokers. For example, listing brokers are typically hurt when their short payoff sellers file bankruptcy. It is now common for a buyer’s agent to discover that a builder/seller has filed bankruptcy. Real Estate brokers need to have a basic understanding of some features of … Continue Reading

Good Faith in Commercial Debt Collection

Co-Author: Jeremy S. Durham At the time of the publication of this article, the seizing of the credit markets seems to have stalled all but the most conservative commercial real estate loans. Many commercial real estate ventures are financed with short term debt. Lenders are not renewing loans that have matured. Other lenders are not providing … Continue Reading

Foreclosure Investors Not Exempted from FHA Seasoning

Co-Author: Jeremy S. Durham Buyers at foreclosure auctions must purchase with cash (eliminating much competition), often don’t have the opportunity to inspect the interior of the property, and risk being redeemed out by junior lien holders. Generally, foreclosure buyers acquire properties at below their retail fair market value. While it is intuitive that they should be … Continue Reading

Foreclosure Revolution (Part I)

This article is Part I of a two part series. Part II is available at Foreclosure Evolution (Part II). Question: What are the biggest changes in Colorado’s new foreclosure law? Summary In Colorado, the foreclosure process historically gave borrowers two opportunities to pull their property out of foreclosure. Prior to the foreclosure sale, the borrower … Continue Reading

Foreclosure Evolution (Part II)

Co-Author: Karen J. Radakovich, Esq. This article is Part II of a two part series. Part I is available at Foreclosure Revolution (Part I). A prior issue of this column explained the revolutionary change in Colorado’s foreclosure law. For foreclosures started after January 1, 2008, the owner no longer has a post-foreclosure sale redemption right. … Continue Reading

Foreclosure Senate Bill 71

  Overview The Colorado Legislature passed Senate Bill 71 in 2006 to discourage predatory practices against persons in foreclosure. Violations of Senate Bill 71 can lead to criminal sanctions and, unlike the major changes to Colorado’s foreclosure statutes, Senate Bill 71 has been in effect since the summer of 2006. Senate Bill 71 regulates “Foreclosure … Continue Reading

HOA Super Liens and Foreclosure

Co-Author:  Janeen R. Hill, Esq.  Question:   I just bought a property through the foreclosure process. I expected that the foreclosure of the first deed of trust would extinguish all liens against the property, including delinquent homeowner’s association fees. Now the association is claiming a lien for six months of assessments, plus the attorneys fees spent … Continue Reading

Short Pay-Offs and Redemptions

For foreclosures filed after January 1, 2008, Colorado law no longer provides for an owner’s redemption period. (See Colorado Foreclosure Revolution (Part I). This article explains short pay-off transactions and the ramifications of the loss of owner’s redemption period.) A “short pay-off” or “short sale” is a transaction in which a lender agrees to accept … Continue Reading

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