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Buyer Contingencies

Buyer Contingencies: Learn how to avoid creating false expectations in your buyers about their ability to back out of a deal. Learn how to assist your Sellers when you suspect contingencies are being misused, and when they should be referred to an attorney. 4/27/16: Buyers Using Contingencies for Purposes other than they were intended! While… Continue Reading

How to Draft Better Additional Provisions – Part IV

8/2/17: How to Draft Better Additional Provisions – Part IV: The A, B, C’s of writing additional provisions with examples. Welcome. This is the fourth installment in our series of webcasts on how to draft better additional provisions in the Colorado Real Estate Commission Approved Contract. Our first one talked about the notion to first… Continue Reading

Earnest Money Release

Earnest Money Release Revolution: The 2017 Colorado Real Estate Commission Approved Earnest Money Release form no longer has an automatic release. 2/27/17: Earnest Money Release Revolution. Prior to 2017 the Colorado Real Estate Commission Approved Earnest Money Release form essentially provided for a full release between the buyer and the seller (if both sides signed… Continue Reading

Real Estate Brokers & Referral Fees under RESPA

Special Considerations for Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Referral Fees under RESPA and Colorado law. Paying for referrals is a common practice in various competitive industries where the struggle to attract customers determines which participants will flourish and which will flounder.  However, the business of real estate is subject to various restrictions that limit industry-participants’… Continue Reading

Coming Soon Listing

Coming Soon Listings – Learn how to manage the conflicts of interest associated with the “Coming Soon” phenomenon. 5/26/16: Coming Soon Listings. In a tight inventory market, listing brokers are tempted to sell listed property to their own sphere of influence before exposing the property to the whole market. Yet without exposing the property to… Continue Reading