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Floods – Denial of Coverage

Denial of Coverage for Damage from the Great 2013 Colorado Floods

With the massive devastation and destruction to homes and personal property caused by September 2013 Colorado flooding, insurance companies will aggressively be looking for ways to reduce their losses. In many instances coverage will be denied for claims. While not all of these denials will be wrongful, in many instances the denials will be based upon incomplete, vague or just plain incorrect information concerning the damage claim or the policy coverage. For example, an insured may not have flood coverage but the damage may have been caused by a leak in a roof or window which is covered. Thus, it is extremely important how claims are presented to the insurance company and that the insured has an understanding of the true coverage provided under their policy. If a claim has been denied for any reason whatsoever, the insured’s first step should be to consult a knowledgeable attorney who can review the policy and fight for coverage.

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