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What is Probate?

Probate can be an overwhelming and stressful prospect. Understanding what probate means is the first step to navigating your way through this process. Probate, also called “estate administration,” is the process by which a deceased person’s will and property are handled in court. A probate case may be required even if the deceased person, called the … Continue Reading

Dealing with Probate

You have probably heard the word “probate,” with its negative connotation, and wondered, “What is probate, and do I need to worry about it?” Simply put, probate, also called “estate administration,” is the process by which a deceased person’s will and property are administered by the court. A probate case may be required even if the … Continue Reading

Clearing Title When Tenant-in-Common Owner Dies

Clearing Title to Real Estate When a Tenant-in-Common Owner Dies Q:  How is title to real estate cleared when someone dies owning property as tenants in common with other owners? A:  Through a probate proceeding. I frequently hear from sellers or real estate brokers when they discover the following closing Requirements on Schedule B-1 of their title … Continue Reading

When Isn’t Probate Necessary?

I recently wrote a piece that discusses the probate administration process and explains why it’s necessary when someone dies. But an estate doesn’t need to be opened for every person who dies. This article examines those situations where a decedent’s property can be transferred to rightful beneficiaries without a probate proceeding. In order to determine … Continue Reading

What is Probate Administration?

What is Probate Administration and Why is it Necessary? In order for someone to give or sell something to someone else, they must have the legal authority to make the transfer. When a person is alive, they have the legal right to transfer something they own because they hold legal title to that property. But … Continue Reading

Determination of Heirs Proceedings

Determination of Heirs Proceedings: Clearing Title in a Decedent’s Unadministered Property When someone dies, their probate assets are typically distributed through a probate proceeding. However, if a probate proceeding is never commenced, or if certain assets are not distributed through probate, those assets remain titled in the name of the decedent. In order for the … Continue Reading

Wills and Advance Directives

Simple Wills and Advance Directives Our firm receives frequent inquires related to the preparation of “simple wills.” Simple wills are sometimes sufficient instruments for clients to direct the disposition of their probate property. However, other clients may need more complex planning tools. This article discusses circumstances for which a simple will may be appropriate, then … Continue Reading

Beneficiary Deed

Co-Author:  Miriam Abrams Goodman, Esq. Question:    What is a “beneficiary deed” and how are they useful in Colorado? Response:   A beneficiary deed is a legal document to pass title to real property to a “grantee-beneficiary” at death, without the need for probate administration. In Colorado, probate can be avoided if the decedent’s estate consists … Continue Reading

Properly Signing a Will

The Importance of a Properly Executed Will, and What it Does and Doesn’t Control In Colorado, signing a will with the proper formalities can make a big difference in the administration and distribution of your estate. Colorado has a progressive, consumer-oriented probate system. Commentators in the national media constantly warn the public to “avoid probate,” … Continue Reading

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