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Colorado License Law and Apartment Managers

What Functions May an Apartment Manager Perform Without a Real Estate License? It can be a complicated task to successfully navigate the maze of Colorado laws and regulations regarding what type of real estate functions, especially property management functions, require a real estate license. The laws and regulations themselves sometimes lack clear and specific requirements … Continue Reading

Papering Property Management Agreements

Part II In Part I of this article, the differences between listing agreements and property management agreements were discussed. A primary difference is that listing agreements are short-term, while property management agreements contemplate a continuing relationship between manager and owner. There are no Real Estate Commission approved forms for property management. Owners and managers routinely … Continue Reading

Papering Property Management Agreements

Part I The nature of a listing agreement is different from a property management agreement. With a sale listing, the owner and the broker contemplate a relatively short term relationship which terminates upon the sale of the property. Unless the seller carries financing, neither the seller nor the broker expect to deal with the property, … Continue Reading

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