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Buying or Selling a House or Other Real Estate When You are Going Through Divorce

While buying or selling a home or other real estate in Colorado is often completed without the use of an attorney, there are special considerations and complex legal issues that arise when buying or selling a home or other real estate in the middle of a divorce case. Consulting an attorney who has knowledge of real estate law and divorce should be part of the plan to buy or sell real estate, while a divorce case is pending in Colorado.

Buyer Defaults Just Before Closing

Buyer Defaults Just Before Closing 11/30/2015: Even when a contract clearly spells out the consequences of a buyer defaulting on a contract, it may not be practical for the seller to enforce the consequence. Consider the seller whose buyer needs a week extension to get the loan to close. If the contract does not have … Continue Reading

“Love Letters” and Fair Housing Laws

“Love Letters” and Fair Housing Laws 3/23/2015: “Love Letters” and Fair Housing Laws: When there is a drought of supply of residential real estate inventory, some buyers look for a competitive advantage by submitting letters with the offer that attempt to appeal to non-financial seller motivation. Without a conscious strategy of asking the seller to … Continue Reading

Construction Defects and Housing

Over the past several years the people of Colorado have debated how to protect homeowners from defects in the construction of their newly purchased homes, while still giving the economy a boost and encouraging builders to continue to build and provide new and affordable multi-family housing in Colorado. Efforts last year to revise the existing … Continue Reading

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