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RESPA: Affiliated Business Arrangements

Co-Author: Amanda S.P. Howe More on Affiliated Business Arrangements Some service businesses try to operate as simply as they can and out-source all services but their core competencies. Other businesses seek to provide one-stop shopping for customers. One stop shopping can enhance the quality of the services to the customer and help the business amortize its … Continue Reading

Out of Contract

I am the listing broker for a transaction set to close tomorrow. My seller and I have just learned that the buyer’s lender will not fund tomorrow. The buyer needs a three-day extension. All of the contingency deadlines in the contract have passed so that there is no longer any contingency excusing the buyer from … Continue Reading

How to Commit Loan Fraud

This article educates readers about how to avoid inadvertently committing loan fraud. Another article on our website, “How to Commit More Loan Fraud,” intends to further help real estate professionals and sellers from inadvertently becoming caught up in such a scheme. Question: I have brokered a transaction in which the seller is willing to give … Continue Reading

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