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My Property Zoning is “Wrong”?

What If the Property I Own Has the “Wrong” Zoning? Question: I own a property.  The current zoning will not let me do what I want to do with it.  Is there any way of changing the property zoning? Answer: The short answer is, “Yes.”  Communities use zoning to promote harmonious development patterns and keep … Continue Reading

Considerations in Obtaining a Zoning Variance

  What is a zoning variance? A zoning variance is a deviation from the standard zoning regulation. In Colorado, municipalities recognize that the strict, literal enforcement of zoning regulations may not always make sense. For this reason, Colorado law requires that counties, cities and towns each form boards of adjustment consisting of a panel of … Continue Reading

What Property Owners Should Know About Zoning Violations

As a result of these economically challenging times, many property owners come up with creative means to maximize income generated by their properties, whether residential or commercial. Recent examples include the proliferation of short term and vacation residential rentals like those seen on and Other examples include property owners expanding property uses, including … Continue Reading

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