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The legal complexities of any oil and gas-related transaction are daunting to landowners and operators alike. The attorneys in our oil and gas group rely on real-world industry experience to identify, explain, and resolve the legal complications that often arise in oil and gas-related transactions. Regardless of the stage of your transaction, our goal is to apply a common-sense approach that works toward your desired result.


Our attorneys are equipped to advise all clients whose situation potentially involves implications on oil and gas rights. From the landowner who desires to retain royalty payments for future generations, to the small operator seeking counsel on an acquisition, to the mineral buyer looking for certainty as to mineral ownership, our attorneys possess the knowledge and insight to resolve your dilemma.


Mineral Rights Retention

When it comes to mineral conveyances and reservations, there are many ways to “slice up the pie.” Whether you want to convey an entire mineral estate, a fractional interest, or a royalty interest for a term of years, our attorneys can draft the language to meet your needs. To read more about mineral conveyances and reservations, click here.

Acquisition/Divestiture/Due Diligence

The small independent oil and gas operator is focused on identifying the deal, closing it, and optimizing production. Let our attorneys assist you in drafting and negotiating Acquisition Agreements, Assignments of Interest, and Joint Operating Agreements. Our attorneys are well versed in due diligence review and can assist with identifying or curing title defects.

Title Opinions

Our attorneys have drafted numerous complex drilling title opinions for large independent exploration and production companies. If you are a small developer in need of pre- or post-spud title or a landowner curious about the mineral-ownership to your lands, our attorneys possess the industry connections and expertise to acquire the necessary documents and draft a thorough, concise opinion on ownership.

Oil & Gas Lease Negotiation

Has an oil and gas company approached you and your neighbors to sign a lease? If you are uncertain about the drilling process or lease language, schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys who can explain the process, provide you with points of negotiation, or negotiate with the company on your behalf.


The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (the “COGCC”) is the regulatory body that fosters responsible development of Colorado’s oil and gas natural resources. Operators and mineral owners alike can find themselves in front of the COGCC at a hearing. Our attorneys have experience with the COGCC and can represent you at your next Spacing, Notice of Alleged Violation, or Statutory Pooling Hearing. To read more about Colorado’s statutory pooling process, click here.


Disclaimer — Content is general information only. Information is not provided as advice for a specific matter, nor does its publication create an attorney-client relationship. Laws vary from one state to another. For legal advice on a specific matter, consult an attorney.

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