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Employment Law

Our employment law group handles both employee and employer matters, including wage and compensation disputes, discrimination complaints, drafting employee manuals, employment contracts, noncompete and confidentiality agreements, trade secrets, and independent contractor agreements. Our employment law attorneys handle both routine and complex compensation disputes.


Our clients include small businesses, corporations, institutional lenders, brokers, and employees from small companies to large corporations.


Employment Contracts. The Firm has vast experience in contract drafting. We use this experience to assist employers and employees in drafting simple or complex employment agreements and independent contractor agreements. Confidentiality requirements, trade secret agreements and noncompete clauses are tailored to meet the needs of our individual clients.

Litigation-wage disputes. The Firm has a strong litigation group to assist with litigation over wage and compensation disputes and discrimination matters. We work closely with our clients to resolve disputes. When litigation is necessary or in cases of discrimination authorized after investigation by an appropriate governmental agency, we have the skills and knowledge to proceed with trial, whether to the court or a jury.



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