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Our real estate attorneys handle every facet of real estate law including acquisition, brokerage law, financing, contracts, leasing, syndication, business entity formation, construction, disposition/sale, taxation, Section 1031 exchanges, titles, land use, water law, foreclosure, receiverships, litigation, and other forms of dispute resolution. Our real estate attorneys handle both routine and complex transactions and disputes.


Our clients include investors, institutional lenders, private party lenders, builders, developers, managers, commercial brokers, residential brokers, and Boards of REALTORS®.


Brokerage Law. We represent approximately 25 Boards of REALTORS® which is more than any other law firm in the state. The Firm has expertise in administrative and license law matters in the real estate field and may be the preeminent law firm representing brokers before the Colorado Real Estate Commission and Board of REALTORS® tribunals.

Finance. The Firm enjoys an excellent nationwide reputation in the area of Public Trustee foreclosures and related proceedings such as receiverships, declaratory judgments, deficiency litigation, and the specific enforceability of clauses within real estate instruments. The firm also enjoys a reputation for structuring and drafting creative financing, including “wrap” transactions structured through all-inclusive notes and deeds of trust. Our expertise allows us to draft routine financing agreements efficiently.

Leasing. The firm represents landlords and tenants in commercial and residential lease transactions and evictions. Our experience allows us to efficiently evaluate and explain lease language to our tenant clients.

Real Estate Title. Mountain property frequently presents title problems. Our firm is expert at analyzing and solving title problems, easements and access disputes, and handling title related litigation.


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