Information for REALTORS® & Mortgage Lenders

If you are a REALTOR® or Mortgage Lender working with a property in foreclosure, please obtain written authorization signed by the borrower that allows us to release information to you and follow the instructions below.


Payoff means to pay the entire loan balance, typically through a refinance or a sale of the property.

If the foreclosure sale has NOT YET taken place, please fax your request for a payoff statement to the Foreclosure Department at 303-494-6309 or mail it to our office at 4750 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder, CO 80305, Attention Foreclosure Department.

Please include your name, the borrower’s name, lender’s name, loan number, property address,signature, and a fax number or address where the information can be sent.

If the foreclosure sale has already occurred, the borrower may no longer pay off the loan.


If you are not a borrower and you are not acting on behalf of a borrower, and you would like to submit an offer on a property in foreclosure please follow the instructions below.

Offers to purchase a lender’s interest in a property must be submitted in writing. You may fax an offer to the Foreclosure Department at 303-494-6309, or you may mail it to 4750 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder, CO 80305, Attention: Foreclosure Department.

All information requests must be submitted in writing to our office, by fax or by U.S. mail.