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Foreclosure Investing in Colorado

I. Introduction In Colorado, the foreclosure process historically gave borrowers two opportunities to pull their property out of foreclosure. Prior to the foreclosure sale, the borrower (and others) could “cure” monetary defaults. After the foreclosure sale, the owner could “redeem” the property. For foreclosures filed after January 1, 2008, the time period which would otherwise … Continue Reading

Senate Bill 100 – Part I

Co-Author: Karen Radakovich, Esq. See Senate Bill 100 – Part II Question: As a REALTOR® what do I need to know about Senate Bill 100 (“SB100”), the law which requires sellers to provide homeowners’ association governing documents and other financial information to buyers? Response: The Colorado Real Estate Commission Update course for 2005 educated REALTORS® … Continue Reading

HOA Super Liens and Foreclosure

Co-Author:  Janeen R. Hill, Esq.  Question:   I just bought a property through the foreclosure process. I expected that the foreclosure of the first deed of trust would extinguish all liens against the property, including delinquent homeowner’s association fees. Now the association is claiming a lien for six months of assessments, plus the attorneys fees spent … Continue Reading

Amending & Enforcing Community Association Covenants

Co-Author:  Jonathan A. Goodman, Esq. Obstacles in Amending and Enforcing Community Association Covenants: What your Association’s Documents Don’t Say May Hurt You. The Colorado Court of Appeals recently held that an association’s original covenants allowing for changes or modifications could not be amended to add a covenant that required homeowners to start paying dues for … Continue Reading

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