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Late Fees in Colorado Leases

Q: Are rental late fees limited in Colorado? A: Yes. As of October 1, 2021, late fees in residential Colorado leases are limited to the greater of: (i) $50, or (ii) 5% of the past due rent payment. The changes discussed in this article were enacted in Senate Bill SB21-173: Rights in Residential Lease Agreements. … Continue Reading

New Law Limits Retainage in Private Construction Projects

Co-Author:  Lauren M. Taylor[i] This summer, the Colorado General Assembly adopted new limits on the amount of retainage a property owner can withhold from contractors and subcontractors in private construction contracts. Retainage and Limits Retainage is a percentage of a contract or subcontract price withheld from a contractor by a property owner until the completion … Continue Reading

Coronavirus COVID-19 Clauses that Dovetail with the CREC System

Coronavirus COVID-19 Clauses that Dovetail with the CREC System   This is the fifth video in our six part series on Coronavirus COVID-19 providing solutions for managing Coronavirus COVID-19 risks in the Colorado Real Estate Commission form system. If you seek to have us provide such clauses to you as your lawyer, then please contact … Continue Reading

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