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Resolve Divorce, Custody and Support Cases With Mediation and Arbitration

Avoid Costly Court Battles – Resolve Divorce, Custody and Support Cases With Mediation and Arbitration As state budget cuts in the Court system cause already overburdened Courts to delay trials even longer, parents and divorcing parties need a way to resolve their disputes in a quick and cost effective manner. Mediation and arbitration are two … Continue Reading

No More Custody Battles?

  Sweeping changes in Colorado child custody laws took effect February 1, 1999. Custody battles will become a thing of the past, when a new law deleting “custody” from the family law arena is replaced with the concept of “parental” responsibilities. The changes in the law are in response to studies which show that parents … Continue Reading

Modifying Child Support Payments

A parent’s child support payments can be modified when changes occur in the parent’s or the child’s life. Understanding when child support can change may save a parent time and money when trying to determine whether to go back to court and get support changed. Factors which are taken into consideration are: the mother’s income; … Continue Reading

Joinder Of Third Parties In Divorce Cases

Copyright 1997 Gregg A. Greenstein, Esq., Originally published in The Colorado Lawyer, May 1997 Divorce issues may impact persons other than the parties and their children. For example, parents of the parties, corporations and other third parties involved with marital assets may be affected by the divorce. This article analyzes the usage of joinder in … Continue Reading

Marital Agreements & Cohabitation Agreements

Relationships Made Easy By Marital And Cohabitation Agreements Are you planning on getting married, but want to decide in advance what to do if the marriage does not last “forever?” Or, are you married, but realize that if you do get divorced, you want it go as smoothly as possible without a lot of expense … Continue Reading

Grandparents Have Rights, Too

  Grandparents can play an important role in the development of their grandchildren. Unfortunately, the relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents is sometimes overlooked in a divorce or other custody-related proceeding. For example, a husband or wife who harbors hostile feelings toward his or her spouse may cut-off communications with his or her spouse’s parents, … Continue Reading

Child Support: Myths and Reality

Child support is an area of law which generates more myths than almost any other area of family law. Dispelling the myths encourages resolution of support issues with a minimal amount of adversarial attorney involvement. Whether you need to assess your own child support situation or the financial condition of someone who is making claims … Continue Reading

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