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Does a Private Party Foreclosure Differ from an Institutional Lender Foreclosure?

Most purchases of Colorado real estate involve some sort of mortgage financing, in order to complete the purchase. Although a majority of mortgage financing is done by banks or other lenders in the business of making loans (known as “institutional lenders”), some financing is done with a private loan usually by either the current owner … Continue Reading

Dodd-Frank, Consumer Financial Protection & Owner Financing

What do Dodd-Frank and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Regulations Mean for Owner Financing in Colorado? The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (“Dodd-Frank”) introduced a host of new regulations designed to protect consumers and avoid another housing collapse. Key components of Dodd-Frank were designed to create greater certainty that borrowers can repay their … Continue Reading

Installment Land Contracts and Lease/Option Agreements

  Installment Land Contracts and Lease/Option Agreements – DON’T DO THESE! Use an All-Inclusive or “Wrap” Deed of Trust Instead We get many calls from buyers, sellers, and real estate brokers, asking us to prepare either an installment land contract, called an “ILC” or a “contract for deed,” or a lease with an option to … Continue Reading

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