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What Is Mediation?

What Is Mediation and Do I Have To Go To Mediation? In most family law cases, the court orders mediation where the parties have to try to resolve their differences with a neutral third party, the mediator. In the event that you are able to resolve your differences (and there is a signed settlement agreement) … Continue Reading

25 Co-Parenting Tips

25 Co-Parenting Tips for Dealing with Baby Momma or Baby Daddy Once you get past the point of asking yourself how exactly you got into this predicament, you will hopefully be looking for solutions for co-parenting with the other parent in the long-term. You may not like the other parent, but the goal of both parents … Continue Reading

Preparing for Small Claims Court

Taking the Intimidation out of Preparing for Small Claims Court Usually people do not hire lawyers for representation in Small Claims Court – they represent themselves. Preparing for your trial can be intimidating. I have recently consulted with clients to tackle preparation for their Small Claims Court trial. You want to be ready to go … Continue Reading

Hiring an Attorney for Divorce or Custody

Hiring an Attorney to Go Through the Divorce or Custody Legal Process You may be asking yourself whether you should hire an attorney for your divorce or custody case. Consulting with an attorney is important to protect your legal rights. You may believe that you don’t need any legal advice because you and your spouse … Continue Reading

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