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Gambling on Loan Commitments

  The new financing contingency in the Real Estate Commission-approved contract is §5b and reads as follows: “Loan Commitment. If Buyer is to pay all or part of the Purchase Price by obtaining a new loan as specified in §4b, this contract is conditional upon Buyer obtaining a written loan commitment including, if required, (i) … Continue Reading

Contract FAQ: Formation & Title

  Question: The basic facts are as follows: Seller lists. Buyer 1 makes an offer. Seller makes counter-offer with an acceptance deadline. Buyer 1 counters the Seller’s offer. Buyer 1 learns that Seller has received a competing offer from a Buyer 2 and to avoid losing the property to Buyer 2 . . . Buyer … Continue Reading

Broker Law FAQ

Question: I am the listing broker for a builder who put a property under contract with Buyer #1. Buyer #1 attempted to back out of the contract, claiming that his loan was not approved. My builder wants to keep Buyer #1’s earnest money and Buyer #1 objects. The builder would like to resell the property … Continue Reading

Drafting the Loan Approval Clause to Minimize Uncertainty

Co-Author: Richard Byron Peddie, Esq. In a previous article, we explored the ambiguity associated with the meaning of “loan approval” in loan contingencies. We examined the existing caselaw on the subject and saw that the law is underdeveloped in this area, leaving the parties unsure as to when the contingency is satisfied. We also saw how … Continue Reading

What Satisfies “Loan Approval” in a Contract

Co-Author: Richard B. Peddie, Esq. What is necessary to satisfy a requirement for “loan approval” in a financing contingency contained in a real estate contract? The answer to this question depends upon two things: (1) what constitutes loan approval under the contract; and (2) whether or not the loan approval clause, and its requirement, can be … Continue Reading

Pitfalls of Installment Land Contracts

What are the pitfalls of structuring a seller-financed transaction through an installment land contract? Though the Real Estate Commission dropped its approval of the use of Installment Land Contracts (“ILCs”), consumers still frequently ask brokers about ILCs. Even in its pre-disapproval comments, the Manual stated: “this instrument is full of pitfalls for both buyer and … Continue Reading

Is Verbal Acceptance Binding?

  Must a seller honor a written offer he verbally accepted? A seller verbally accepted a written offer for a property. A second, better offer has come from a second buyer. The seller would prefer to get out of any obligations it might have to the first purchaser. Is the seller bound by the first … Continue Reading

Specific Performance vs. Seller

Can a seller terminate a “liquidated damages contract” by… The box in paragraph 18(a,2) of the Real Estate Commission approved contract is checked, so that it is a “liquidated damages contract.” The seller does not want to close. Can the seller simply inform the buyer of its intent to terminate the contract and refund the … Continue Reading

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