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Bid Rigging at Trustee Foreclosure Sales

Bid Rigging In certain situations the courts have equitable discretion to extend statutory redemption periods and void foreclosure sales. Courts have the power to set aside a foreclosure sale or extend the redemption period if there has been “fraud, deceit, or collusion.”(E1) One type of collusion occurs when two or more bidders at a foreclosure … Continue Reading

Bid at Colorado Foreclosure Auction

What Do I Need to Know to Bid at Colorado Foreclosure Auctions? A. Tracking Sales The public trustees along the front range of Colorado generally have websites that allow investors and others to track the status of properties that are in some stage of the foreclosure process. For non-agricultural property, public trustee’s sales cannot be … Continue Reading

Foreclosure Senate Bill 71

  Overview The Colorado Legislature passed Senate Bill 71 in 2006 to discourage predatory practices against persons in foreclosure. Violations of Senate Bill 71 can lead to criminal sanctions and, unlike the major changes to Colorado’s foreclosure statutes, Senate Bill 71 has been in effect since the summer of 2006. Senate Bill 71 regulates “Foreclosure … Continue Reading

Beneficiary Deed

Co-Author:  Miriam Abrams Goodman, Esq. Question:    What is a “beneficiary deed” and how are they useful in Colorado? Response:   A beneficiary deed is a legal document to pass title to real property to a “grantee-beneficiary” at death, without the need for probate administration. In Colorado, probate can be avoided if the decedent’s estate consists … Continue Reading

Properly Signing a Will

The Importance of a Properly Executed Will, and What it Does and Doesn’t Control In Colorado, signing a will with the proper formalities can make a big difference in the administration and distribution of your estate. Colorado has a progressive, consumer-oriented probate system. Commentators in the national media constantly warn the public to “avoid probate,” … Continue Reading

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