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How is Colorado real estate transferred when an out-of-state owner dies?

When someone dies owning Colorado real estate, a probate administration is necessary to transfer the property, either to a buyer or to the estate beneficiaries.  If the property owner died while living out of state, the type of probate proceeding necessary to transfer the Colorado real estate depends on whether a probate administration has been … Continue Reading

When Isn’t Probate Necessary?

I recently wrote a piece that discusses the probate administration process and explains why it’s necessary when someone dies. But an estate doesn’t need to be opened for every person who dies. This article examines those situations where a decedent’s property can be transferred to rightful beneficiaries without a probate proceeding. In order to determine … Continue Reading

What is Probate Administration?

What is Probate Administration and Why is it Necessary? In order for someone to give or sell something to someone else, they must have the legal authority to make the transfer. When a person is alive, they have the legal right to transfer something they own because they hold legal title to that property. But … Continue Reading

Beneficiary Deed

Co-Author:  Miriam Abrams Goodman, Esq. Question:    What is a “beneficiary deed” and how are they useful in Colorado? Response:   A beneficiary deed is a legal document to pass title to real property to a “grantee-beneficiary” at death, without the need for probate administration. In Colorado, probate can be avoided if the decedent’s estate consists … Continue Reading

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